Hungarian Electric Company (MVM) opens new office in Moscow

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

In order to keep closer contacts with Russian government and economic actors, and strengthen and exploit prospective business opportunities in Russia Hungarian Electric Company (MVM) opened an office in Moscow on Monday.

"We are confident that in line with the government's eastern partnership policy our Moscow office will boost and further strengthen Russian-Hungarian economic relations", said Péter Chiba, President and CEO of MVM Group Zrt. at the opening ceremony in Moscow.

The opening of MVM Group's office fits into MVM Group's new medium-term strategy that was outlined a while ago, "which targets new markets as a priority, as well as increases the MVM’s regional engagement and strengthens its international presence."

In accord with the new business initiative, the MVM Group continues its expansion by opening more offices in Brussels and Pozsony in the coming days said the president of the company.

The MVM Group’s new office in Moscow helps the company to directly interact with Russian business partners; the office operates in the Hungarian Cultural Institute Building, which also accommodates the Hungarian Embassy in Moscow.

The opening ceremony has been attended by Viktor Zubkov, Chairman of Gazprom's Board of Directors, as well as company managers of Rosatom and Russian energy giant Inter RAO, as well as Russian government officials, foreign diplomats and local representatives of Hungarian companies already active in the Russian market.

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