Lavrov: Moscow won’t allow to be dragged into confrontation with the West by anyone

Thursday, June 16, 2016

The west wants to undermine Russia's stability and to subvert its position as an energy and arms exporting country; one of the goals of the anti-Russian campaign is to extend transatlantic control, but Moscow won’t allow to anyone to be dragged into confrontation with the United States, NATO or the European Union said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Wednesday in the lower house of the Russian legislature.

According to Lavrov, the west launched a global anti-Russian campaign aiming to force Moscow to give up its moral approach to solving international problems.

It is clear that the confrontational attitude of the west and its geopolitical games hindering efforts to maintain stability in international relations - confrontation creates Ukraine style crises around the world said Lavrov

The Russian foreign minister stressed that no country or group of countries alone can solve international problems. Development of international relations is at a turning point as a new multipolar world order emerging as we speak.

This transformation of international relations is an objective tendency that reflects the cultural diversity of the modern world; new centers of influence are emerging, which reflect the natural desire of the peoples of the world to determine their own destiny said the Russian foreign minister.

At the same time global competition is intensifying, which will determine the contours of the future. In the midst of growing terrorism, regional conflicts, and deepening global economic instability our western partners led by the United States, aiming to achieve global domination said Lavrov.

But Instead, we would need international cooperation among the main international players to stand up against this common threat.

Lavrov expressed hope that the West will realize how harmful permissiveness towards Ukrainian national radicals - the west should seek to implement the Minsk agreements through negotiations involving Donetsk and Luhansk.

Moscow is ready to cooperate with anyone to achieve this goal. He urged the West to exert pressure on Kiev to release prisoners and help identifying Russian citizens disappeared in Ukraine.

According to Lavrov, the anti-Russian sanctions are falling apart, which is evident just by looking at the attendance list of the 20th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum starting on Thursday.

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