Restless migrants rioted at Kiskunhalas closed refugee camp

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hundreds of police officers rushed to Kiskunhalas closed refugee camp on Wednesday when migrants threatened to break out of the detention center due to slow administration.

Several Hungarian news portals reported that a riot broke out in the Kiskunhalas refugee camp.

Apparently, the migrants formulated several demands and handed over to authorities, in the mean time urged each other to set off to Budapest. Several hundred police officers including riot police are on the scene to maintain order in the camp and prevent migrants from leaving the detention center.

Police reported that there was no need to use force becaose negotiators settled the tense situation peacefully – as a result, neither personal injury nor property damage occurred.

The refugee camp houses about 484 detainees who complained about the slow administration

A Syrian man who appeared to be the leader of the revolt submitted a petition to asylum authority, and called on detainees to go to Budapest on foot.

The Prime Minister's Chief Adviser György Bakondi reacted to the news stressing that the law applies equally to foreign nationals and migrants. It is out of question that the statutory procedural deadlines will be modified under pressure from asylum seekers, neither, they will be allowed to relocate to open refugee camps.

MTI reporting that after a period of relative calm migrants have become agitated again.

They started protesting again on Thursday and as a result, police maintain an increased presence in the camp.

M1 TV correspondent reporting from the scene that the situation is very tense in the camp; in the last hour tension flared up again. Migrants shouting words like "freedom" and agitators try to stir up hostile emotions among the general population of the detention center.

The correspondent recalled that this was the third consecutive day that an atrocity happened in the Kiskunhalas camp.

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