The European Union is on the threshold of a major transition - The signs are pointing in that direction!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic are working behind the scenes to amend the EU treaties, among other things, the legal obligation to join the euro zone writes The Times citing diplomatic sources.

The British daily pointed out that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the end of September or early October will hold a referendum on the mandatory distribution of illegal immigrant in the European Union "heralding an autumn of East-West political crisis."

According to the British newspaper, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will use the summer break to work out a plan, which may lead to the reorganization of the European Union on the longer term.

An unnamed Hungarian government official asked the British newspaper: "Does the British referendum mean the end of the EU?" Then, he added that after the referendum, nothing stays the same.

Many EU leaders urge Britain to stay in the EU, but PM Viktor Orbán took out a full page ad in the Daily Mail urging British citizens to vote for staying in the European Union, which is surprising as the prime minister criticizes the EU policies on a regular basis writes the online edition of The Financial Times.

The British newspaper added that Viktor Orbán is the first EU leader who took out a full page paid political advertisement in the British media, urging British voters to stay in the EU.

According to the Financial Times, Viktor Orbán's move surprised many people, as the prime minister usually, very critical of the European Union’s approach to certain issues, including its asylum policy.

The paper quoted government spokesman Zoltán Kovács who said Viktor Orbán and David Cameron are in good terms with each other; however, the government spokesman did not comment on the question whether the two leaders consulted with each other before Viktor Orbán's paid advertisement was published in the British media.

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