"The flame of resistance keeps on burning" – The HVIM annual Trianon march attracted more than a thousand people

Sunday, June 5, 2016

More than a thousand participants attended the "Trianon" march organized by the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement (HVIM) at the 96th anniversary of the Trianon Dictate that partitioned the thousand-year-old Hungarian Kingdom.

Marchers stopped at the Romanian, Serbian and the Slovakian Embassies - the three countries that benefited most from the territorial partitioning of Hungary, which countries ever since persecuting ethnic Hungarians with varying intensity.

Popular Mayor of Ásotthalom, the Founder of the HVIM and newly elected vice-President of Jobbik László Toroczkai said members of the Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement once again were under attack in the neighboring countries. Among other things, he mentioned the arrest of HVIM’s Erdély leaders - István Beke and Zoltán Szőcs - on trumped-up terrorism charges by the Romanian state.

Toroczkai criticized the Hungarian government for not taking a stance against the state terror directed by Bucharest - Romania tries to intimidate the entire Hungarian community in Erdély and tries to destroy patriot groups like the HVIM.

Toroczkai ended his speech with the familiar slogan of "Down with Trianon!"

At the Romanian embassy marchers staged a spectacular firework indicating that the "flame of resistance keeps on burning" and they stand by the arrested leaders of the movement, István Beke and Zoltán Szőcs.

One of the heads of the HVIM Gyula György Zagyva in his speech announced that they will take the case of István Beke and Zoltán Szőcs and the Hungarian community's autonomy aspirations in Erdély to international forums. They will start an European-wide information campaign soon to introduce the persecution and the violation of human rights of ethnic Hungarians in Romania to a wider audience.

After Zagyva’s speech, marchers sit down on the pavement as a form of solidarity with HVIM’s imprisoned leaders.

As part of the event, the "Hungarian Resistance Prize" was handed out to two outstanding members of the nationalist movement - Mayor of Érpatak Mihály Zoltán Orosz and Mayor of Ásotthalom László Toroczkai.

Mihály Zoltán Orosz has been awarded with the prize for his tireless efforts to improve Gypsy-Hungarian relations and László Toroczkai for his life-long contribution to the national resistance movement.

Photo: MTI

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