Two-time Kossuth Prize-winning Conductor, Composer and Pianist Zoltán Kocsis: Europe's future is bleak

Friday, June 3, 2016

In an interview with MTI, the internationally renowned composer has painted a very bleak future for Europe.

He said the current trend of mass migration was an irreversible process; there are no signs that mass migration into Europe ends anytime soon - the future of European cultures is sealed.

There are no signs of cultural renewal either that could be used as a shield against the foreign cultural influence that is sweeping through Europe.

We must be honest with ourselves and look at the situation we face from this point of view; at this point in time, we can say with absolute certainty that Arabic cultures mean much more to us than our culture to the invaders summed up his opinion on mass migration the Kossuth Prize-winning conductor.

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Meanwhile the Vatican Radio attacked Hungary and Serbia for alleged abuses of the human rights of migrants. The radio recalled that the United Nations told both countries that the condition of migrants must be improved.

According to a news report, refugees often do not have access to toilet and they are exposed to all kinds of infections in the border regions. Hungarian authorities don't improve the condition of migrants on purpose for fear that it would attract more illegal immigrants to the country reported the Vatican Radio.

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