Foreign anti-government protesters have been arrested in Budapest

Friday, July 8, 2016

Police removed anti-government activists, including foreigners from the "Ligetvédők" protest site yesterday. Imported fifth column activists and other trouble-makers joined a handful of local anti-government protesters under the pretext of helping to defend the environment - a park, that the city wants to revamp as part of the capital's redevelopment program.

The punks try to exploit the initiative and incite anti-government sentiments among the general public (that pays no attention to the controversy) by blowing the issue out of proportions.

The other goal is to manipulate western public opinion; the activists displayed protest signs especially made for the controlled western media.

Greenpeace slogans, like "Activism is not a crime" were displayed in English, suggesting that the message intended to manipulate western public opinion rather than inform Hungarian citizens about the cause of the protest.

The puppet masters use similar techniques that they use when stage Budapest Pride - they deploy foreign assets to swell the marching crowd that otherwise would be only a trickle.

Hungarian media reported that several members of the NGO "Park Protectors" were under the influence of drugs while police removed them one by one from the construction site. Some foreign punks called for translators while they were taken away by police.

It became obvious that the foreigners try to escalate the protest and turn it into a violent confrontation with police. A 21-year-old French citizen attacked police officers by kicking one of them in the face while he was ordered out of the construction site. In a speedy trial, the court found the man guilty and he was given one year suspended sentence on assault against a public official.

Once again the question arises: what foreign nationals are doing in an anti-government demonstration in Budapest? Who pays them and what masters are they serving?

It becomes increasingly obvious that the puppet masters use “professional” protesters across national borders to create fake crisis when their interests call for it and to mislead that part of the general public that is in a state of eternal slumber. The good news is that by now, even the half-witted knows that the whole thing is a scam and pays no attention to these staged events.



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