Hundreds of migrants are marching towards the Hungarian border to stage a major provocation

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Approximately, 100-130 migrants left Belgrade on foot yesterday and are heading for the Hungarian border. The migrants plan to stage a hunger strike at the border to put pressure on the Hungarian government to open the country's border crossings to migrants who want to go to Austria and Germany.

M1 TV correspondent who following the events at the Serbian side of the border, reported that the migrants are advancing with steady speed and at the moment, they are only 10-15 km away from the Hungarian border.

Most of the migrants are young male and are coming from Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Before the migrants left the Serbian capital, they were seen attentively listening to “aid workers” who most probably, gave them precise instructions how to pull off a major provocation at the Hungarian border, in order to attract mainstream media attention.

MTI correspondent in Belgrade reported seeing about 300-400 migrants in a Belgrade suburb walking along the main highway under police escort.



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