Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Sixty-Four Counties Youth Movement Budapest chapter published a message on Facebook appealing to people not to abandon normalcy and rebel against the modern world!

"Be tolerant and accepting, but if you think differently, you will be punished" - this is the message disseminating by the freaks and weirdos.

Budapest Pride organizers held a press conference on Saturday on Kossuth Square complaining that that segment of Hungarian society that accepts deviant lifestyle is too small. They said they’ve never insulted the religious feelings of the majority of people they simply called on participants to come to the parade by dressing comfortably.

Organizers threatened that those that are not willing to overcome their "medieval attitudes” will be punished.

Well, then we are the first who declare just that - come and punish us; after all we state that the slanderers of religious feelings are the ones that should be punished by using medieval methods concludes HVIM Saturday's message.

We wish to append our message by calling on all normal people to stay on the right path. The prevailing zeitgeist will sink over time, that's for sure. But, the concept of normality won't change. If we embrace proudly the heritage of our ancestors and hold on to our identity then, we will remain immune to deviant viruses.

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