It’s a week since Pokémon is a GO... and here’s what it’s done to the world so far (VIDEOS)

Sunday, July 17, 2016

It’s made Hillary Clinton attempt comedy, is subject to a fatwa in Egypt, and has prompted its fans to invade inappropriate public and private places. Less than a fortnight after its release, the world has clearly gone Pokemon crazy.

The biggest mobile game of all time has easily eclipsed Tinder and Twitter in daily users despite its recent release. If it continues on its current trajectory, it could soon overtake app giants Google Maps and Snapchat.

With the user’s geo-location, the game creates an augmented reality in which players catch Pokémon as they navigate the real world, leading to scenes like this when a rare Vaporeon appeared in Central Park.

Crowds of people staring at their phones, especially around well-known landmarks, have become a common sight since the game’s release, earning players the fitting nickname “PokeZombies.”

Some people were surprised to learn that their home or business had become a Pokémon hotspot, prompting them to put up signs telling players to stay out and “get a life.”

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