Jobbik Budapest wing denounces the gay parade

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Jobbik Budapest wing issued a statement denouncing the Budapest Pride held today. The signatories of the statement expressed their deep indignation over the event; the statement also condemns officials for allowing the sick, and deviant part of humanity to march on the streets of Budapest.

Marchers used abusive, anti-religious propaganda during the scandalous, anti-family and crime-infested spectacle without worrying about getting apprehended by police that tolerated this atrocity.

We are puzzled that neither Budapest city council nor the government dissociated themselves from the spectacle, which for a long time paralyzed traffic in the capital.

If Jobbik wins the 2018 general election it won't allow similar events to be staged either in Budapest or in any other municipality in the country read the party's Saturday statement.

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