Migrants turning back from the southern border in large numbers!

Monday, July 11, 2016

Strange thing happening at the Hungarian - Serbian border; according to police, the flow of illegal immigrant from Serbia dropped drastically. Last weekend only ten illegal immigrants have been apprehended by police instead of the previous average of three hundred.

So far, it seems that the Hungarian government's delaying strategy bearing fruit. According to new regulations that went into effect a few days ago, illegal immigrants captured within 8 km of the border will be returned to the so called transit zones, where they have to submit asylum applications, which might take weeks to be reviewed. And even then, there is no guarantee that they get accepted and allowed to enter Hungary.

Hundreds of migrants near Horgos border crossing on the Serbian side of the border waiting to enter Hungary

According to M1 TV correspondent, an increasing number of migrants returning to Belgrade.

The correspondent reported that the migrants are nervous, anxious, helpless, and do not know what to do. One group went on hunger strike and others wanted to close down a streets next to a bus station in Belgrade, but aid workers dissuaded them.

For the time being they are waiting, and gathering information about the best possible route that can take them to Western Europe.

Meanwhile, more than 200 migrants settled in a refugee camp in Szabadka, the Serbian side of the border. One of them told journalists that he had attempted crossing the Hungarian border four times without success, but with a few of his companions, he will try again soon.

Belgrade is not happy with these new developments!

Serbian Minister of Social Affairs Aleksander Vulin called for an urgent convocation of the country's security bodies to deal with the new refugee situation. He told the country's public service television that Serbia is left alone to handle the migration situation, and the government's job is to protect the territory and the citizens of the country.

He added that Europe behaves as if the migration crisis would have ended.

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