Prime Minister Viktor Orbán answers students’ questions at Bálványos University Summer Camp

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The highlights

The prospects of the future of Europe is not good; currently, Europe is in crisis triggered by several factors, among them the appearance of new economic players in the global arena said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at Bálványos University Summer Camp on Saturday.

This event is famous for providing a platform for politicians to speak their minds in a relaxed atmosphere using terms that normally bring them nothing but trouble the prime minister said.

There is a need for a full fledged European army

NATO is important and a good thing to have because it contributes to the security of Europe; it is also vital to the security of Central Europe. However, after the exit of the UK from the European Union, Europe’s military power has been greatly reduced; but Europe can’t remain in such a vulnerable situation said Orbán responding to a student’s question while stressing that there was a need for an European army - we conceive it as a real joint force, made up by genuine regiments using a common language and a common structure.

Europe's elite is in crisis

Speaking the truth means being banished from mainstream political discourse said the prime minister. Today, mainstream approaches to solve problems relegated to secondary importance as our daily lives are dominated by a hidden crisis of the European elite; this is due to the fact that Europe's leaders in the past 50-60 years have always been chosen from the same upper echelon and everybody accepted as natural that these competing groups of people were able to guarantee Europe's open-ended prosperity.

But the ongoing economic troubles in Europe exposed the crisis of the elite said the prime minister adding that due to the continuing economic troubles other forces - radicals and populists that so far, stayed outside of mainstream politics - made their appearances in the political arena.

The real problem is that the crisis of the elite metamorphosed into a crisis of democracy said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Fear kills the soul

What happened in Nice and Munich can happen in any country. Uncertainty and fear kill the soul; if someone lives in constant fear he/she can't accomplish great things said Orbán stressing that one of the main guarantors of our security was Germany; but today, bloody terrorist acts are being committed in Germany; this forces us to reconsider our national security because "uncertainty must disappear from European politics!"

"We are the Indians"

The outcome of the US presidential elections can influence Europe’s immigration policy . Today one of the main sponsors of illegal immigration to Europe and to Hungary is the United States. US pressure on Hungary is partly done through the official policy of the United States said Orbán, recalling US President Barack Obama's statement on immigration at the NATO Summit.

According to the Americans, those who do not see immigration as a positive phenomenon, something that should be encouraged and do not see the values in it, recall the worst mental attitudes of the 20th-century. This is the position of the US democratic party and since the US has a democratic president this is the official policy of the United States the prime minister pointed out.

Therefore, it makes a difference who will be the next president of the United States, and what the new president will think of illegal immigration in general. Orbán noted that he doesn't criticize the Americans; he merely states that what the Americans consider a good thing kills us.

It is understandable that the US looks at immigration in a positive light after all the United States was created by immigrants "but we should also realize that in this story we are the Indians."

Europe should not overestimate its own importance in world affairs because today, the European Union has become a closed ideological system; if Brussels takes power from nation states that is considered a good thing but if member states strive for more control that is bad said Orbán; this is the case even if national solutions like defending borders turn out to be much more efficient way of solving the migration crisis than philosophising about it.

We must stop the invasion of our sovereignty by Brussels

According to the prime minister, any political action and initiative that aim to weaken national sovereignty must be rejected, because violation of the sovereignty of nation states is the greatest danger for Europe today.

With the exit of Britain from the European Union an era has come to an end in European politics. The EU is not a global player anymore; at best, it can influence events in its own sphere, but at a closer look, it can’t even do that said PM Viktor Orbán.

Sadly, Europe has become a regional power; it can’t even protect its own citizens, and its own borders. What else do you still want me to say? Europe's political leaders have failed!

Strong European intelligence agencies are needed

"I'm not Donald Trump's campaign manager, but today, it seems to me that he would be a better US president from Europe and Hungary's point of view” said Orbán adding that he himself couldn't have put more clearly what Donald Trump said about combating terrorism and exporting democracy.

The US presidential candidate said that Europe's intelligence agencies should be fine-tuned to become the world's most effective force and the "export of democracy" must be stopped immediately.

If we give priority to democracy export into regions where its success is highly doubtful than, we won’t create a better world, but we generate regional instabilities. In the context of these remarks, the prime minister noted that one of Hungary's main requirements from Turkey is to create stability. "If Turkey becomes unstable tens of millions of refugees will flood Europe.”

Talking about the Visegrad countries (V4) the prime minister stressed that he was not in favor of expanding the organization by new members; instead, a structure should be created based on concentric circles so that other countries too can contribute to core group’s' strength without undermining the homogeneity of the Visegrad group.

PM Viktor Orbán also stressed that he supported the Polish government’s proposal to create a V4 Parliamentary Assembly.

He is also working hard to help creating a common Visegrad army, which will operate independently of the planned European army.

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