The Csángó Hungarians’ struggle for survival is an European fate - László Kövér

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Csángó Hungarians’ struggle for survival is an European fate said House Speaker László Kövér on Friday in Brassó at the Csángó Hungarian World Summit opening ceremony.

According to the Speaker of Parliament, the cultural identity of Europe is under siege: forces behind the scene want to transform Europe into a faceless mass of people that are unable to defend themselves and can be easily manipulated.

"Identity-terrorists" want to destroy the family, which is based on the union of a man and a woman, the Christian churches and other religious institutions - they want to destroy everything that protects and enhances the cultural identity of the nations of Europe.

In the 21st century only those nations survive that have strong national identity and faith said Kövér.

The future of Europe and the future of Hungary including the future of Csángó Hungarians depend on demography and strong self-identity; our future depends on our ability to sustain Christian morals, and the sanctity of the family.

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