The European Court of Human Rights found the Bajnai regime guilty of unlawfully banning a sympathy demonstration in 2009

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The European Court of Human Rights ruled against Hungary because during the Bajnai (a vile globalist stooge) government collaborating police officials illegally banned a sympathy demonstration in support of jailed political prisoner György Budaházy and his associates.

The Strasbourg court ordered the Hungarian government to pay EUR 3000 (nearly one million forints) for damages to the victims.

On August 15, 2009 patriot groups announced a rally in front of the "Venyige" street prison in Budapest, where political prisoner György Budaházy and his associates were held on fabricated terrorism charges.

Demonstrators wanted to demand the release of illegally arrested patriot György Budaházy and draw attention to the systematic persecution of patriotic Hungarian citizens by the treasonous Bajnai regime and his collaborators among them top ranking police officers of the National Police Force.

Budapest Police Headquarters banned the protest under the pretext that the street was too narrow, and participants would impede the flow of traffic.

The ban was approved by the Metropolitan Tribunal as well based its ruling on "expert opinion".

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