The fake left-wing parties support the mandatory resettlement of migrants in Hungary, but try to hide their treasonous activities from the general public

Sunday, July 17, 2016

According to Fidesz European Parliament (EP) group, the Hungarian left-wing parties plan to resettle tens of thousands of third world immigrants in the country.

(The term left-wing is something of a misnomer; these former bolsheviks are in fact, the most ardent supporters of multinational corporations and their tyrannical rule over the defenceless population. These vile characters want to flood the country with third world migrants which they hope become their future supporters because without foreign support, they never win enough seats in general elections to govern the country. These vile bolsheviks and willing agents of the cabal want the total destruction of Hungarian tradition and culture so that they can serve their new puppet-masters in the spirit of proletarian internationalism)

The so called left-wing parties opposing the upcoming referendum on mandatory quotas as well, urging their supporters to boycott the referendum.

The fake leftist parties supporting the European Commission’s forced migrant resettlement policy and the mandatory distribution of migrants among EU member states, but when they are asked about their conspiratory activities they lie to the Hungarian people by denying it.

These traitors supporting the notion of panelizing countries that refuse to accept migrants with stiff fines - in Hungary’s case the fine would be HUF 70 million after each rejected migrant.

Former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany. The man ordered police in 2006 to shoot at peaceful citizens celebrating the national holiday.

Hungary's fundamental interest lies in maintaining the Schengen area and sustaining a well-functioning European common market. These achievements have been eroded by the ongoing mass migration. Fidesz European Parliament faction's view is that there is a way to remedy this situation by halting mass immigration, and protecting the external Schengen borders - read MEPs' statement.

The forced resettlement of migrants is a misguided policy because it encourages illegal immigration and goes against the interests of European citizens.

Only the Hungarian people can decide whom they want to live with. All peoples of Europe have the right to decide whom they want to live with and Brussels can’t overrule this basic human right. The European Union will only be able to resolve the ongoing crisis, if pays more attention to people's voices write Fidesz MEPs among other things.

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