The first wave of migrants from Belgrad reached the Hungarian border

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The first wave of migrants that left Belgrade on foot Saturday morning reached the Hungarian border and set up a makeshift tent camp near Horgos border crossing, on the Serbian side of the border reported MTI. Currently, hundreds of migrants camping near the border looking for ways to enter Hungary. reported that more than 200 hundred migrants have been captured during the weekend by law enforcement agencies; they all crossed the border illegally; they were rounded up and sent back to the Serbian side of the border.

The migrants were told if they wish they can apply for asylum by following legal procedures but interestingly, so far none of them have taken advantage of the offer.

Serbian police officers watching over migrants that went on a hunger strike near Horgos border crossing

A group of migrants playing cards near Horgos

In the meantime, Aleksandar Vulin Serbian Minister of Social Affairs announced that due to police and army actions taken in recent days against migrants, the number of illegal immigrants coming to Serbia from Bulgaria and Macedonia decreased.

The minister confirmed that currently about 600 migrants arrived in Horgos and about 500 in Szabadka. Approximately, 130-150 migrants staged a hunger strike in a makeshift camp near the Hungarian border; they are the ones who arrived on foot from Belgrade said the minister.

Hungarian media reporting that several migrants have fainted from the heat and exhaustion and they have to be taken away by UN High Commissioner for Refugees vehicles. correspondent reported that it was highly unlikely that the migrants start any kind of violent action at the border, because they were very tired and hungry. Tuesday afternoon, many migrants have given up the hunger strike - only forty of them still holding out.

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