Hungarian Liberals ask Festival-Going Idiots about Migration!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

HVG, a major Hungarian globalist media source, made a perplexing video last week. They visited Sziget festival, a den of debauchery, and home to Europe's dumbest people.

Festival-goers were asked their opinion on the conservative Hungarian government's anti-illegal migration policy. Their replies were, predictably, stupid.

So what is HVG's purpose? Is it to flash a light down the bottomless well of liberal youth's ignorance and make us squirm in disgust? Or have they just completely missed the mark in an attempt to smear the Hungarian government, and have ended up making themselves look like morons?

Here is the video in full:

And here is the HVG article by Professor Vivien Schmidt, also mentioned in the video (article is in Hungarian, will require a translator):



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