Hungary builds a second line of defence along the Serbian border

Friday, August 26, 2016

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced in Kossuth radio Friday's news magazin 180 minutes that Hungary plans to build a second line of defence along the Serbian border.

A new technical barrier will be built alongside the old one, which will be a "robust defense system", "a major facility" that will have the strength to stop hundreds of migrants from entering the country.

Experts have already been working on the technical planning of the second fence. A new technical barrier is needed because Turkey's refugee policy might change at any time said Orbán (This preventive measure tells me that the prime minister knows much more about what comes and what we can expect in the near future, than we do. )

He also recalled the government's recent decision to increase the number of police officers deployed at the southern border by three thousand.

He put it this way: "After the new structure will be built not a bird can fly into the country without permission. The border can’t be protected with flowers and with 'toy animals' but with police officers, soldiers and weapons" said the prime minister.

Police are facing a major problem regarding the detention of migrants. When the application of a migrant rejected activists, and "human rights organizations" working for George Soros appeal the decision. As a result, the applicant can’t be put in a closed camp until his/her appeal reviewed by the court.

This procedure should be changed allowing law enforcement agencies to detain migrants and make them wait in closed camps until the court reviews their cases added the prime minister.

The prime minister also said “anyone who claims there is no correlation between migration and terrorism does not know what he is talking about, or he tries to deny obvious facts for some reason." The Hungarian Government opinion is that terrorism appeared in Europe because hundreds of thousands of migrants have been allowed to enter the continent unchecked from countries that hostile to western values. In war-like situations you can not take risks like that he added.

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