Hungary refuses to take back refugees from Sweden

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Swedish Government objects to the fact that Hungary is not willing to take back asylum seekers who were registered in Hungary. The Swedish government announced on Friday that the government will summon the Hungarian ambassador to the Swedish foreign ministry the next week to protest against Hungary's unwillingness to take back migrants reported MTI.

Morgan Johansson, Minister of Migration Affairs said that Hungary violated the Dublin Convention by refusing to take back migrants registered in Hungary.

The European migration wave that started in 2015 eroded the EU legal framework for asylum, the Dublin Regulation.

Sweden wants to send more than a thousand asylum-seekers back to Hungary.

Currently, more than 152 thousand refugee claimants have been waiting for the examination of their asylum applications in the Nordic country.

Last year alone, Sweden accepted more than 163 thousand refugees, which is compared to the population of the country is the largest number in Europe.

Sweden introduced stricter asylum rules on July 20 this year; the new regulations apply only to asylum seekers that handed in their applications after November 24, 2015.

According to the new rules, authorities only issue temporary residence permit in the next three years to refugee claimants, and limit family reunifications as well.

The new rules don't apply to asylum seekers distributed on the basis of the EU quotas.

Human Rights organizations strongly criticize the new regulations.

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Anonymous said...

The only sensible and reasonable answer Hungary could give. Obviously, no one coming by sea or on foot can enter the EU in Hungary. Just look at the map. Therefore it is another EU state's duty to take these migrants back, that's what the Dublin Regulation is all about.

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