Kurultaj, Europe's largest equestrian event kicked off today in Parliament

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Kurultáj, the three-day festival of Turanian nations kicked off today in Parliament. Twelve countries, and 27 ethnic groups of Turkic - Hun origin participate in the event.

Europe's largest equestrian event is held in Bugac between August 12 - 14.

Sándor Lezsák, vice-President of the National Assembly, and the patron of the event said Kurultaj is a unique form of preserving national heritage including Hungarian prehistory.

Kurultaj is the celebration of the common cultural heritage of kindred nations; the event's aim is to strengthens the sense of brotherhood among nations of Turkic-Hun origin said Lezsák.

More than 50 music programs, including the sounds of Siberia concert series, and a rock opera called "Vazul's blood" will be performed during the three-day festivity.

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