Multiple World Champion Archer József Mónus received the Gold Cross of Merit of Hungary Award (Magyar Arany Érdemkereszt)

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Multiple World Record Holder Archer József Mónus has been awarded with the Gold Cross of Merit of Hungary Prize on the national holiday on August 20.

I'm proud of the prize said Mónus after the award ceremony!

I think the news of my lonely struggle inside and outside of the country reached those that found me worthy of the prize.

This recognition can even be extraordinary, because there is no politics, no money and no organization behind me. I don't have sponsors, only friends to whom the sight of the Hungarian flag always bring tears to their eyes.

I am glad that I have the strength to carry on the mission that fate allotted me and did not let anyone to make me abandon the path I embarked on - many tried, but didn't succeed!

I have done nothing special, I’m simply marching along the path proudly proclaiming the Hungarian people's desire for freedom and independence said Mónus after the award ceremony.

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