New poll by Ipsos: Turkish, Russians and Hungarians see the migration crisis most realistically

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The result of the poll published on Thursday reveals that the Russian, Turkish and Hungarian population see the ongoing migration crisis and the threats posed by terrorists coming to Europe as refugees most realistically.

According to the poll, 83% of the population in Turkey believe that terrorists mingle with refugees and infiltrating into target countries; 77% of Russians and 72% of Hungarians hold the same view.

The poll shows that the Spanish public is the most skeptical about the terrorist threat; in Spain, only 16% of the population believe that there are terrorists among refugees.

Turkey is one of the countries where the largest proportion of the population supports the closure of the border from the influx of refugees; 64% of respondents support the view that all refugees should be turned back from the border. In Poland 40%, while in Sweden, Germany, France and Italy 40%-48% of the population support the closure of borders.

Amazingly, 60% - 61% of the population of the UK and Spain opposing the idea to construct border fences that prevent migrants from coming to Europe.

The survey was conducted between June 8 to July 24; 16,040 people were interviewed, in 22 countries, including Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Spain and Turkey.

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Anonymous said...

Hungary did not join the EU so that it could become a welfare dumping ground for colonialist and allow for it's people and country to become victims of colonization and terrorism.

Sweden has no right to tell Hungary, an independent and sovereign nation that it must take migrants it never asked for. Sweden has asked for migrants and so it must accept them if they make it there, either that or they must deport them directly back to their home countries, but asking another nation who has vocally and officially rejected the migrant invasion to share with them their own stupid choices and decisions is neo-colonialist. You have no right to force your agenda, way of life, and politics on an soveiegn country. Only a nation who feels their entitled to dictate or control another nation's policies would be as audacious and ridiculous as Sweden when it comes to demanding Hungary take people just because Sweden doesn't want them.

Sweden is not Hungary's master. Sweden does not elect Hungary's government, control it's armed forces, have any say whatsoever in Hungary's destiny. So Hungary should not oblige to Sweden's demands. Hungary once again is an independent nation who is a member of the EU. Being a member of the EU means free movement of EU citizens, of European peoples, not of peoples who not only aren't even Europeans, but aren't even citizens.

The Dublin rules are dead. Hungary and several other countries have already stated this. So Sweden has no grounds to stand on when waving that dead piece of paper around like it still means something. It stopped meaning anything when the EU exceeded it's authority and tried to force a racist and oppressive "refugee quota" on EU countries. It stopped meaning anything when the UK withdrew from the EU. It stopped meaning anything when Greeks and other countries pushed the migrants onto Hungary without themselves registering the migrants. It stopped meaning anything when Croatia used trains to cross into Hungary with migrants. It stopped meaning anything when Italy and other countries decided they want to forever recuse an endless stream of migrants at sea and bringing them to European shores instead of creating refugee camps in North Africa and the Middle East where refugees should be placed.

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