Rio Olympics 2016: Danuta Kozák wins gold medal in women’s K-1 500m

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kayaker Danuta Kozák won gold medal in women's K-1 500 meters in Rio; this is Hungary's 500th Olympic medal in the history of the games; the 175 gold medal went to kayaker Danuta Kozák.

"I did not expect to win so big, but this really does not matter. The most important thing is that I regained my health. (Danuta got a stomach infection after arriving in Rio. A day earlier, she raced in women's K-2 500m while she was still sick) ...Thanks good the medical staff put me together for the race, and now, I'm perfectly fine" said Danuta after the race.
"In London the goal was to win gold medal; in Rio to defend my title, which is the fulfillment of a four-year dream. I'm having a good time here in Rio, my dreams come true one after another."
By winning the K-1 500m race, Danuta Kozák has become four-time Olympic Champion; and the women’s K-4 500 m event is still to come where the Hungarian team also expected to win.
Team Hungary has collected seven gold, three silver and four bronze medals in Rio so far.

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