The inflow of migrants has practically stopped - Homeland Security Advisor to the Prime Minister Gyorgy Bakondi

Monday, August 1, 2016

According to Homeland Security Advisor to the Prime Minister György Bakondi, due to new regulations allowing in depth border control the inflow of migrants at the southern border has practically stopped.

The Homeland Security Advisor told M1 TV's Saturday night's show that when border guards capture an illegal immigrant within 8 kilometers of the border, they escort the violator back to the other side of the border, which deters migrants from repeatedly violating Hungarian law by entering the country illegally.

Bakondi also said that refugee camps in Hungary operate in reduced capacity; due to the shutting down of illegal migration routes the occupancy rate of refugee camps only 41 percent; the occupancy rate of guarded camps is 60 percent.


According to, law enforcement officers apprehended more that 200 illegal immigrants over the weekend. The migrants were rounded up and escorted back where they came from.

On Friday 103, on Saturday 30, and on Sunday 57 migrants have been captured by border guards near the Hungarian-Serbian border. In other regions, 21 illegal immigrant were captured during the same period.

Migrants who have crossed into Hungary by damaging the border fence will be prosecuted together with those that entered the country illegally from Ukraine and Romania.

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