Colleen Bell leaving post as US Ambassador to Hungary

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 has learned that US Ambassador to Hungary Colleen Bell will leave post after the November US presidential election.

Ambassador Bell has already made her decision and leaves post regardless, who wins the presidential election reported the Hungarian daily.

According to the Hungarian media, Bell got tired of managing Hungarian-American relations.

After arriving in Budapest, Bell tried to maintain constructive and friendly relations with the Hungarian government compared to her predecessor Andre Goodfriend who actively participated in anti-government protests. Ambassador Bell has maintained a more cordial relationship with the Hungarian government.

Colleen Bell is expected to leave post in early next year. The post will be taken over on a temporary basis - until the appointment of the new ambassador - by the Deputy Head of the US Embassy David Kostelancik, a career diplomat who has just arrived in Budapest. Before, Kostelancik served as the US Congress Helsinki Committee Foreign Affairs Chief Advisor.

Between 2008 and 2010, David Kostelancik served at the US embassy in Moscow as deputy political advisor. It is hardly a coincidence that Washington has sent an experienced career diplomat to Hungary as the American administration is worrying about the Hungarian government's the pro-Russian policy.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán strongly believes in the development of multipolar world order and maintains friendly relations with Russia and China; he also pursues good relations with Washington.

The US Ambassador denied the press reports, but we know from experience that where there’s smoke there’s fire.

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Anonymous said...

It is hardly professional journalism but amateurism on the part of the writer to cite as reason for Ambassador Bell's leaving her post because "she got tired of managing Hungarian-American relations." Such is the job description, among other responsibilities, of an ambassador. There is no "getting tired" and Ambassador Bell's professionalism would not allow slacking off on her duties, whether personally, or as a representative of the United States.
Amy Módly

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