Hundreds of people demonstrated at the Chief Prosecutor's Office against the György Budaházy’s conviction

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The demonstration has been organized by Ásotthalom Mayor László Toroczkai.

Among other things Toroczkai said: since he was born, there has been no real national government in the country.

He recalled the disagreements with Budaházy on certain issues, but it never occurred to him because of that he does not stand up for him.

While during the Gyurcsány regime state terror came from outside as the regime tried to intimidate the population, today we face local terror - many people did not come to the demonstration, because they were afraid - he explained.

"National revival is hopeless if Hungarians do not stand up for each other" summed up his thoughts Toroczkai.

Meanwhile, Human Right Lawyer Eva Maria Barki issued a grave warning:

...I'm very worried because protests based on emotions can be used for other purposes as well; there are forces who have been attempting for years - and waiting for the right opportunity - to trigger protests and riots in Hungary to accomplish the long intended destabilization of the country so that they can put an obedient puppet government in place that act according to their geopolitical interests.

This is not the time to play with fire. György Budaházy has the right to the best possible defense - but in court, and not on the streets.”

(“...nagyon aggódok, mert az ilyen érzelmeken alapuló tüntetéseket fel lehet használni más célokra is, és vannak olyanok, akik már évek óta kísérletet tettek, és csak a lehetőségre várnak, hogy tüntetésekkel és zavargásokkal Magyarországon is a régóta szándékozott destabilizációt tudják kezdeményezni, és egy a geopolitikai céljaiknak megfelelő engedelmeskedő, alázatos kormányt beiktatni.

Most nem szabad játszani a tűzzel. Budaházy Györgyöt megilleti minden leghatározottabb védekezés – de vitában, a bíróságon és nem az utcán." )

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It’s worth noting that the prosecutor and the trial judge that sentenced Budaházy to 13 years in prison so blatantly violated basic law procedures that their behaviour can be considered provocation. (Human rights lawyers who were present at sentencing hearing, among them Krisztina Morvai noted that the prosecutor read a pre-written appeal from his laptop right after the conviction raising suspicion that he had known the conviction before it was read out by the judge.)

You don’t have to be a legal expert to realize that the conviction of Budaházy took place by provocative intent, to outrage the public and trigger street riots from which only behind the scenes forces can benefit - as the Orbán government is in the crosshairs of those forces for quite some time.

Due to trial irregularities, it is highly unlikely that the appeal court approves the sentence that reminds Hungarians to the show trials of the ‘50s when Bolshevik courts convicted undesirable element on the most ridiculous fabricated charges.

It is not far fetched to say that sentencing of Budaházy had a clear objective - to create an outrage in Hungarian society and trigger anti-government demonstrations and ultimately a chaos that may lead to the fall of the Orbán government. The enemies of the nation have already been working on this project for quite some time - so far without success.

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