Hungarian sculptor Gábor Szőke has been commissioned to create a gigantic falcon sculpture for Atalanta Falcons' new stadium

Sunday, September 11, 2016

The new stadium will open in 2017. It will host two local clubs - the Falcons and the United football team. The owners have decided to erect the world's largest bird sculpture in front of the new stadium.

They commissioned Hungarian Sculptor Gábor Szőke to create the artwork; the "Ferencváros-eagle" statue facing the Groupama Arena in Budapest is also the work of Gábor Szőke.

The artwork will be made in Budapest and the elements will be shipped to the United States in containers.

The sculpture, which depicts a falcon with outstretched wings will be 19.5 meters wide and 13 meters high. It will look somewhat similar to the "Ferencváros-eagle" artwork in Budapest.

"Ferencváros-eagle" statue at Groupama Arena in Budapest is also the work of Gábor Szőke.

The base of the sculpture will be made of concrete; the bird stands on a football, which made of bronze; the bird itself will be made of stainless steel elements.

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