Hungary: situation at the border after a year with the fence 1/2

Friday, September 16, 2016

A year after Hungary built a fence on her southern border, we met with mayor László Toroczkai who explained us the current situation at the gate of the European Union.


Anonymous said...

I just saw a recent poll on the referendum. It claimed over 70% of Hungarians are against the quotas, while just 4% support it. The other respondents claimed they weren't yet sure.

So it looks like Hungarians will vote and reject the forced and racist quota scheme. This will be amazing because right now the media, both national and international are looking for any path to undercut support for those against the quota. Their attempting to claim that a vote against the quota is a vote for supporting Orban. These are dirty tricks.

The worst tricks are spread by the international media who seem to haven't a clue just how opposed Hungarians are to the quota scheme. The Guardian is claiming Hungarians are divided on the quota. Wrong. The only ones divided are in the media and politics, but as poll after poll have shown, the majority of Hungarians are united on this issue.

I really think it's time to shake up the media a bit, because when an issue is clearly rejected by the vast majority of the people, but the media is divided 50-50 than there is something wrong with the independence and freedom of the press when it is used against the nation and doesn't even reflect the will of the people.

All the media does is divide the community of Hungarians, and society. It never uplifts or helps build unity of the nation. It promotes fiction and nonsense, and represents vested interest that are at odds with the people.

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