PM Viktor Orbán: Humanity is entering into a new era

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Europe is going through a momentous time period and humanity is entering into a new era; but instead of the previous violent social eruptions, a slower, and a more difficult process has begun (in the history of mankind) - said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview with "Magyar Kurír" Catholic news site.

In economy maintaining competitiveness remains the most important task; in the field of professional competence, the question is whether we can replace the old-type approach with a state of the art digital technology, and knowledge; in terms of social progress, the main challenge is whether we can reverse population decline said the prime minister.

As additional challenges, Viktor Orbán mentioned the effort of saving the country’s religious communities, and the task of dealing with "prevailing individualism"; he also mentioned the effects of artificial intelligence on society.

"These issues are going to be decided on in our lifetime." Hungary has a political culture that makes it possible to open an honest dialogue on these important issues. "In Europe, unfortunately this is not always the case" said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Answering to a question regarding compassion the prime minister stressed that the key message is to "open our hearts towards others, because the secluded, inward looking man is lost."

Viktor Orbán spoke of the new Deputy Secretariat Office setup to monitor the persecution of Christians (around the world). He stressed that Hungary breaks with the current European approach, which maintains that reports and documents dealing with the persecution of religious communities can only use value-neutral wording.

"Hungary is a Christian country, so we mainly intend to help those who are closest to us - Christians...our government operates on Christian values, from which certain obligations arise." said the prime minister.

Regarding mass-migration, the prime minister noted that the current European situation is not limited to refugees leaving crisis-hit zones. The majority of migrants in Western Europe are no longer coming from Syria, but from Afghanistan and Pakistan; and in the near the future African migrants will likely to cause major problems in Europe; the prime minister indicated that mass-migration is not going to disappear anytime soon - it stays with us even when there will be peace in Syria.

The individual’s duty towards its community according to the prime minister, can be conceived in the form of concentric circles. "I'm primarily responsible for those closest to me: my family, my friends, my religious community and my nation" - beyond that there are additional circles where if I have the opportunity I help; however, this can’t be the Pharisees way of helping." As an example, Viktor Orbán mentioned that single relief efforts inviting large number of migrants in the country is counterproductive, and harmful.

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