PM Viktor Orbán: If Hungary had failed to shut down illegal immigration then, Europe would have fallen by now

Friday, September 30, 2016

If Hungary had failed to shut down illegal immigration (the Balkan route), then Europe would have fallen by now - said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in an interview with Locale.

"We haven't invented the wheel, we did what other countries have been doing at the saner parts of the world from the United States to Israel, we've defended Hungary, and the European Union's borders" - said the prime minister in the interview published on Thursday.

According to the head of government, the European Union has been saved from complete chaos by the anti-immigration measures taken by the Hungarian government. Orbán believes that there is still a chance to step back from the precipice; once history will prove Hungary right the prime minister added.

When we stopped the flow of migrants into Europe we listened to our heart. We love our country, and we don't subject it to uncertainties. It's that simple. If your heart is in place, your mind easily follows; so, we conceived the anti-immigration action plan said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

"Terrorists infiltrated into Europe", but Hungarians recognized the danger early on and had the courage to be at the forefront of changes. Initially, huge external pressure was put on us, because we opposed the politically correct immigration policy of the EU. Since then, things have changed - said the prime minister adding that he knew all along what will await for Europe due to mass migration; the only thing he was not sure whether he can withstand the pressure.

The prime minister stressed that in Sunday's referendum Hungary and Europe's future is at stake. He added that the European Commission hasn't dropped the quota package, in fact, it just confirmed it last week.

"The bureaucrats in Brussels are like magicians: you should watch their hands and not what they say." Hungary still committed to the common future of Europe, but it is necessary to change the current European policy, precisely in order to "preserve the Europe we all love, and where we feel at home, for which we have sacrificed so much." According to the prime minister, the lack of a common European position on migration is a major obstacle for a future agreement on illegal immigration.

The prime minister thinks that migrants who came to Europe illegally, should be expelled from the European Union; but lack of courage on the part of those in charge prevent such a measure from being implemented.

Many countries think it is better to resign to illegal immigration, as Europe has always resolved these sorts of problems one way or another; but what happens now is different, you can not get away with it - either we defend our countries and Europe or we lose them.

When the prime minister was asked what will Europe look like, when his grandchildren reach high school age, he had this to say: things can change at any time, taboos are collapsing as we speak, ideas that seem self-evident today are called into question; so, we do not know what the future holds, but it is up to us which way to go.

"We Hungarians recognized the dangers of mass migrations at an early stage and had the courage to introduce changes. When we stayed united, we always succeeded"- said the prime minister.

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Anonymous said...

Linking immigration solely with terrorism is foolish, and it must be understood as colonization and that a few terrorist itself will never lead to the destruction of Europe, but mass colonization will.

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