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PM Viktor Orbán: In these troubled times, we invest into things we know best - science

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

In these troubled times and confusing spiritual and political climate we Hungarian can do one thing: invest into things we know best - science stressed Prime Minister Viktor Orbán at the reception honoring Széchenyi prize winning scientists at Vigadó, Tuesday night.

At the 225th anniversary of István Széchenyi’s birth the Prime Minister had this to say: culture and science have a special place in the heart of Hungarians. The Széchenyi Prize is the most prestigious public recognition awarded to scientists who can give lots of valuable and useful advise for policy makers.

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0jr said...

isrealhells education minister Studying Judaism more important than science And studying it should be more important than science for us as well. Had our ancestors done that, we would probably not be standing at the edge of hell right now.

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