Quota Referendum - Amnesty International launches (dis)information campaign

Friday, September 2, 2016

Amnesty International (AI) launches a (dis)information campaign on the quota referendum before the vote scheduled on October 2.

The aim of the campaign is to provide Hungarian citizens who are eligible to vote with an objective and accurate picture on mass migration, as opposed to the government's anti-foreign campaign.

The (dis)information campaign especially targets Hungarian citizens who really want to understand what the referendum is all about.

As part of the campaign, the organization publishes a new article every week on its website to dispel misconceptions on mass migration; it answers frequently asked questions and explains what the referendum is all about.

Amnesty International organizes movie screenings, and conversations each week, which can be followed on the organization's website and on Facebook. They also provide opportunity to interested citizens to submit questions live on the issue of mass migration.

The organization recalled that on September 15 will be the first anniversary of the closure of the Hungarian - Serbian border. (The government built a fence on southern border to prevent the influx of migrants into the country)

Thanks to a series of legislative changes the government "excluded people in need of international protection from receiving shelter in Hungary," reads the statement issued by Amnesty International.

Organizers of the (dis)information campaign will remember the first anniversary of the closure of the southern border with spectacular street performances and an installation that will be set up somewhere in Budapest concludes the press release.

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