Reverse integration is taking place in Europe - Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Miklós Maróth

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reverse integration is taking place in Europe - Muslim migrants are not integrating into European societies, but Europeans began adopting the Muslim culture said Miklós Maróth member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences to M1 TV on Monday.

In theory, integration of Muslims can be achieved in the workplace. In everyday life, however, integration is not working, since at home, Muslims live in accordance with Muslim religious rules, which cover everything including the food they eat, and the cloths they wear said the academician.

In Europe halal food is widely available as Europeans generally regard religion as a private matter.

But the same is not true of the Arab countries; in those countries foreigners must adapt to local rules.

The academician also added that there is no cross-pollination between Islamic and Christian cultures, and therefore, we can't speak of multiculturalism in most European countries with sizable Muslim population.

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Anonymous said...

Eventually this multicultural mass which Europe is welcoming will cease. Not because Europeans will wake up, but because they will become the minority, and the new majority will slowly dominate and continue to grow.

Multicultism is the muddy middle, halfway to a new majority, a new people. What you see in Sweden and Germany today is multiculturalism, but look at the long term demographics. Sweden and Germany won't be multicultural in 100 years. There will be a new majority. Trends already indicate that. Already 40% of those under 5 in Germany are from a migrant background.

Multiculturalism is the halfway point between the previous culture, and the new majority. That is all it is. All it ever has been. Multiculturalism isn't new either. It has existed forever, and those cultures which embraced it cease to exist anymore, being replaced by the multicultural mass, which when it became a majority consolidated it's culture and rights over the previous culture which it sole the territory from.

Anonymous said...

Hungary needs to distance itself from parts of Europe. I feel bad for the Swedes, but Sweden needs a new name and politicians, media, school curriculum in Hungary needs a new understanding of these countries which lack European traditional values, culture, and have been changed beyond redemption.

Sweden should be changed to Northern Arabia in Hungarian speech. Maybe in this way, when real countries like Hungary stop referring to Sweden as Sweden, the people there and the country will finally realize that people no longer see it as Sweden and the demographics and immigration has consequences.

When Hungarians refer to Sweden as Northern Arabia or Northern Africa official, not just as a decorative description, but as what Sweden really is in 2016, what must Swedes think?

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