Small Hungarian team wins 1 gold and 5 bronze medals at World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan

Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Second World Nomad Games was held between September 3-8, 2016, near Lake Issyk and Kyrchyn-canyon in Kyrgyzstan.

Fifty-three countries participated in the tournament that opened by Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambaev; the opening speech followed by a spectacular opening ceremony in a new stadium in Cholpon-ata city.

Hungary has been represented by the Turan Foundation (the main organizer of the Hungarian Tribal Assembly – Kurultáj), the Hungarian national team, and the Hungarian mas-wrestling team, a total of 28 members.

At the request of Kyrgyz organizers the Hungarian Turan Foundation cavalry fighting team also participated in the opening ceremony, which is attended by Kyrgyzstan's Minister of Culture, Sports and Education, delegates of international organizations, as well as diplomats from more than 10 countries, including Hungary's ambassador to Kazakhstan, and three members of the Hungarian ministry of foreign affairs.

The main events were held in a newly built sports complex capable of accommodating tens of thousands of people with a spectacular view of Lake Issyk.

Competitions were held in two locations - in Cholpon-ata city's new stadium and in Kyrchyn-canyon where organizers built a vast nomad yurt camp situated between 2-3 thousand meters high mountains on a picturesque plateau.

The Hungarian team competed in 7 events including archery, traditional archery, long-range archery, horse wrestling, Kyrgyz wrestling, wrestling, and mas-wrestling.

Hungarian athletes were very successful despite their small number.

Hungary won first place in horseback archery - István Vermes won gold and his son Balázs Vermes won bronze medal in the event.

In traditional archery József Szabó won a bronze medal. In traditional Kyrgyz wrestling(Kyrgyz Kurosh) Gábor Hagyó and Róbert Tóth won bronze medals. Dominik Juhász in mas-wrestling also won bronze medal.

Hungarian athletes won a total of six medals (one gold and five bronze medals).

Slovakia was also represented by mainly ethnic Hungarian competitors from "Felvidék" - all Slovakian medalists (3) are ethnic Hungarians.

The next World Nomad Games will be held in 2018.

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