The fake left-wing parties want to resettle thousands of migrants in globalist controlled municipalities

Monday, September 12, 2016

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in his speech in parliament plenary session hinted that the globalist opposition planning to strike a deal with Brussels and resettle thousands of migrants in municipalities controlled by the fake left-wing parties.

Although representatives of the globalist parties denied the existence of such plan, we know from experience that those denials must be taken with a grain of salt.

The Hungarian people know from experience that the fake left-wing parties do everything they can to satisfy their foreign masters and serve the Hungarian population up to the whims of global troublemakers.

The Gyurcsany regime in 2006 already went to the extreme of ordering police to shoot at peaceful citizens celebrating the national holiday in order to intimidate the population and prevent further resistance against the expansion of the globalist agenda aimed at the elimination of the Hungarian nation state.

Today, one of the representatives of the extremist Gyurcsany party, László Varju once again, called on the Hungarian people to boycott the October 2 referendum on mandatory quotas.

At the same time, 29 representatives of the Socialist Party also announced that they start a nationwide tour in order to persuade voters to boycott the referendum.

The prime minister indicated that Brussels was ready to strike a deal with globalist controlled municipalities: If they can't come to an agreement on the mandatory resettlement of migrants with national governments or nation-states, they will approach municipalities controlled by the globalist opposition hinted the prime minister.

If Brussels can’t make a deal with the Hungarian government or Budapest, they will approach the leaders of Zugló, Salgótarján or Szeged (all those cities are controlled by the fake left-wing parties) and ask them to cooperate in the effort to resettle migrants in their communities. The people must decide whether they want Muslim ghettos in Hungary or not, said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán urging residents of the globalist controlled municipalities to support the referendum on October 2.

Earlier, the President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz remarked that there were cities in Hungary that run by the globalist opposition; for example, Szeged, which is a committed left-wing stronghold where any number of refugees can be resettled.



Anonymous said...

Um. National governments have the final say in any country, especially countries the size of Hungary. If a local municipality should facilitate illegal human trafficking, which is essentially organized crime, than the Hungarian government should take a page out of Italy's political playbook and sack the local municipality violating the laws. If the mafia leftist influenced municipality should commit crimes against the Hungarian people, and on top of that promote human trafficking, than Hungary has no choice but to enact laws similar to Italy allowing the national government, the police, to disband the city government.

Organized crime can not be tolerated in Hungary, and neither can those participating in genocide. We must equate bringing in "refugees" with human trafficking, and those policies that facilitate that must also be labeled what they are. That is "genocide" or the promotion of genocide.

Think about it. How is it anything else but genocide? Remember the Croats population transfer and replacement of Serbs, or the Jewish displacement, or any other forced mass migration and destruction of the local demographic has always been and always will be a very obvious sign of genocide.

Those who would promote that kind of policy are no different than the Nazis. Think about it. How are they, the leftist parties that want to enable ethnic-cleansing and population displacement different than racist or nazis?

The values contributing to the displacement and cleansing may be different, and may even be on the opposite side of the political spectrum, but the outcome for which they seek is the very same as what the fascist and Nazis did years ago, except on a much larger skill, because their trying to do it to the whole of Europe.

Anonymous said...
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