The October 2 referendum is a national affair – PM Viktor Orbán

Saturday, September 10, 2016

After the October 2 referendum on forced resettlement of migrants in EU member states there will be a major fight in Brussels involving changes in immigration rules said Prime Minister Viktor Orbán before arriving the Kötcse Civil Picnic.

The European Commission has to change two rules: 1.unlimited migrant distribution among member states, and 2. the decision to facilitate family reunification, which would multiply the number immigrants arriving in the European Union said the prime minister.

Those supporting the changes at the moment are in the minority; therefore, after the October 2 referendum we must engage in a life and death struggle to change those rules - I can't even say definitely that we are going to succeed added the prime minister.

The referendum is a national affair, it is about the future of Hungary. Hungarian citizens who do not vote, give others the right to decide for them in important issues, and have to accept the decision of others he added.

At the Civil Picnic, I’m going to talk about the general state of Europe including the troubles that led our country to call a referendum on mandatory quotas, triggered by the crisis of European civilization.

In my speech, I will argue that Hungary must remain part of the European Union, however, the European Union must be changed in order to make people feel at home in it.

The Kötcse Civil Picnic is attended by prominent thinkers, doctors, engineers, and scientists. I'll ask them to explain gently, and calmly to the people the issues at stakes in the referendum and the importance of voting as we intend to actively engage in the referendum campaign said the prime minister to journalists before arriving the Kötcse Civil Picnic.

(Notes: The globalist opposition, the fake left-wing parties, Hungarophobes and the enemies of the nation in general are already campaigning against the referendum urging their supporters to boycott the vote. These assets can’t digest the fact that the overwhelming majority of the population supporting the government’s position on mandatory quotas. The globalist parties and the controlled mainstream media started a dirty anti-referendum campaign trying to convince TV-watchers about the uselessness of the referendum; they are arguing that the referendum is not legally binding hoping that if enough people stay at home the referendum becomes invalid, which fact later can be used against the Orbán government.)

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Anonymous said...

The opposition is also trying to mislead the general public about what the referendum is about. Their trying to make it about Orban and his policies, rather than the very dangerous threat immigration poses to Hungarian peoples very existence.

These kinds of people shouldn't even be allowed to spread their hatred and misinformation, but since Hungary is a free country they get to do it and they have a lot of support from the outside, multi-nations, the EU, and U.S all whom want to see the referendum fail.

It won't fail though, because Hungarians care about their children too much to let it fail. It won't fail because Hungarians can already see what a mess parts of Western Europe has become. It won't fail because the vast majority of Hungarians are going to be misled or misguided like people in the West are who never even got a vote on their on racial and cultural displacement.

It won't fail because multi-nationals and the EU bureaucrats are not a country. The only thing the EU owns is a few glass buildings in Brussels which they label institutions of authority. Those few hundred people working for the EU as an institution have zero right to tell a country what to do do. Period.

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