Why do Dutch girls want to move to Hungary?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Hungarian government's immigration policy is very popular in several European countries. In the Netherlands, young girls started wearing T-shirts proclaiming that they emigrate to Hungary rather than enroll in re-education "therapy" programs.

As one of the latest measures, the Dutch government is proposing mandatory re-education program for young girls to prepare them how to deal with migrants violence. The proposal however, is not very popular among teenagers; in response, they began to wear T-shirts proclaiming that if they are forced to enroll in re-education programs they rather move to Hungary or other countries.

The Dutch government is very sensitive to anti-immigration statements. A few months ago, police visited a young man because of his Twitter post, which wasn't even offensive, he simply asked a question in relation to mass-migration.

The case prompted an international outcry; it turned out that Dutch police setup a special squad to monitor social media and visit those who post "interesting" content.

For Hungarians and other Eastern-European citizens nothing new about these measures. During the Stalinist era, after the Second World War, the Communist puppet regimes of the region put in place by the Soviet occupiers used similar techniques to intimidate the population.

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Sol Sam said...

I think their government has no bad intention at all. They want their youth, particularly the females to better themselves in terms of handling violence. A topic that they kept open for discussion via

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