Europe's peaceful occupation is also on the agenda - Security Policy Expert László Földi

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

According to Security Policy Expert László Földi, by taking advantage of the massive influx of illegal immigrants into Europe thousands of Muslim military trainers have been also infiltrated into the European Union.

Speaking to M1 TV Sunday morning show, Földi highlighted the fact that in addition to the massive terrorist inflow into Europe, an "invasion attack" is also underway in our continent.

The objective of the military advisers is to recruit second and third generation immigrants who do not want to integrate into their host countries’ societies - said the expert.

These immigrants could form the core of a terrorist army, trained in no-go zones; these units can provoke clashes with law enforcement agencies across Europe.

According to Földi, Europe's peaceful occupation is also on the agenda.

Within this framework, new political parties will be formed in no-go zones; when the Muslim population reaches a "critical mass" the newly formed parties - financed by oil rich countries - win seats in national parliaments added the expert.