False rumors are spreading among migrants in Serbia about the possible opening of the Hungarian - Serbian border

Sunday, October 2, 2016

M1 TV reporting that rumors are spreading among migrants camped in Serbia making them believe that Hungary will open the border after the Sunday's referendum and let them go to the west.

Migrants interviewed in Serbia told journalists that tension among foreigners waiting in tent camps continues to grow.

According to sources, in many places local residents began collecting signatures and demanding the elimination of refugee camps, or at least their relocation outside of residential areas.

Reports coming out of Belgrade indicating that the migrants closely follow the Hungarian referendum. They (mistakenly) believe that regardless of the result of the referendum the Hungarian government will open the border as early as Monday; as a result, they already started packing their belonging and are ready to leave Serbia in the shortest possible time.

According to unofficial data about 10,000 migrants currently staying in Serbia.


M1 TV correspondent talked to an Afghan man in Belgrade who told him that a man from Hungary told the migrants to expect a good news very soon; as he said hearing this "all Arab people are happy. All Arab people are now confident that the Hungarian government reopens the border and they are allowed to enter Hungary.”

"The weather is getting colder, and we want to leave this place; now, everyone is happy, because we can leave soon" - said the Afghan man to the correspondent.

M1 TV reporter added that the migrants are preparing to leave; they keep asking journalists when they can expect the good news to arrive about the opening of the Hungarian - Serbian border.

(I wonder what assets are spreading these false rumors among migrants? And for what purpose?)

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