Former PM Ferenc Gyurcsany launches an international campaign to pin the blame on the Orbán government for the closure of "Népszabadság"

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Former PM Ferenc Gyurcsany mobilizes international forums including the European Union, the Council of Europe, OSCE leaders, as well as representatives of the international press urging them to condemn the Orbán government for its "involvement" in the suspension of liberal daily "Népszabadság" announced Democratic Coalition spokesman Zsolt Gréczy on Saturday's press conference in Budapest.

(The Publisher of the liberal daily announced the closure of "Népszabadság" on Saturday citing financial reasons.)

The extremist liberal fringe party tries to blame the closure of the newspaper on the Orbán government. The Democratic Coalition asking international organizations to condemn the Orbán government for the closure of "Népszabadság" (which is a platform for featured Hungarian-haters since its very conception ed.); the liberal extremists claiming that the closure of "Népszabadság" was another indication that the Orbán government wants to eliminate the freedom of the press in Hungary.

This is the meanest attack on the freedom of the press in Hungary said party spokesman Zsolt Gréczy adding that no doubt that silencing the “biggest political daily” is one of the most despicable crimes of the Orbán government.

The liberal fringe party announced that it supported the editorial board's struggle to rescue the paper; the party is in solidarity with the editorial board and is willing to fight for the revival of the newspaper said the party spokesman.

The Hungarophobe Gyurcsany party is convinced that the Orbán government is behind the closure of the former Communist party mouthpiece. Recently, "Népszabadság" uncovered an alleged scandal involving two Fidesz politicians that they think prompted the closure of the newspaper - Gréczy added that the Orbán government is in the process of building a dictatorship in Hungary.

The extremist liberal party also wants to know whether is it true that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's close friend bought "Népszabadság".

The Democratic Coalition will continue to take part in anti-government demonstrations in support of the globalist daily. “Democrats” can’t be silenced concluded his thoughts on the imaginary scandal Gréczy whose boss former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany ordered police to shoot at peaceful citizens on the national holiday in 2006.

(MTI – edited by has learned that sales of "Népszabadság" have fallen by 74% in the last ten years, which might be behind the closure of the newspaper.

In 1971, more than 730 thousand copies were sold during the week and on weekends more than 810 thousand.

After the collapse of communism sales began dropping.

In 1994, around 300 thousand, in 2002, about 200 thousand, in 2009, around 90 thousand, and in 2011 only 67 thousand copies were sold.

This year several Internet portals have written about the declining readership of "Népszabadság" indicating that even regional newspapers sell more copies than the former Communist party mouthpiece.

The older speaker shown at the very end of the video collapsed after leaving stage. The incident shows what happens to people that harbor hate against others - hate is the perfect boomerang, as it always returns to the sender.

We expect that very soon an orchestrated, European-wide, hostile media campaign will be launched against the Orbán government!