Fourth generation military operations targeting Europe - Security Expert László Földi

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Hungary is targeted by political attacks, media attacks and NGO activities - non-governmental organizations coordinate the inflow of migrants into Europe assisted by Muslim military advisers said Security Expert László Földi to Kossuth Radio.

Brussels' political attacks on Hungary is motivated by the desire of the EU leadership to oppress the Hungarian government's independent policy and anti-establishment rhetoric, which threaten Brussels' hidden agenda of replacing European nations states with multicultural societies that Hungary vigorously opposes.

The Hungarian government is doing its best to prevent this illegal processes from being implemented in Hungary; the government is drafting a legal framework, which will be included in the basic law that prevents Brussels from settling migrants in Hungary and destroying the nation state and national culture.

There are various non-governmental organizations across Europe whose vision coincide with the objectives of terrorist organizations, even if this scheme is not directly detectable for the average person" said László Földi.

It is also clear that the policy of Brussels and the activities of non-governmental organizations are controlled (by behind the scenes forces).

The security expert stressed that the objective of humanitarian organizations are different from what most people think.

Fourth generation military operations are targeting Europe; the goal is to achieve a military objective by using actors from all networks said László Földi.

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