Message to Women Attacking Trump and Masculinity

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The mainstream lying and discredited media, especially CNN, has been obsessing with sexual allegations against Donald Trump, all pressed by confirmed liars.

The reasoning behind these women's fake accusations is due to a love-hate relationship with traditional male (father) figures. Women want to be loved by strong, uncompromising men, yet in order to receive that love, they must prove themselves by being virtuous and hard-working.

Ugly feminists who are brainwashed into believing the world revolves around them, and that the need not take responsbility for any of their decisions, poor health and hygiene, etc. therefore become extremely frustrated when faced with a powerful man who represents traditional values.

Also: it's the epitome of hypocrisy when women pretend to be offended by dirty conversations whens erotic vampire novels have been at the height of popularity for over a decade now.

In the end: women (and men!) need to return to a life of virtue and mutual respect for each other's unique roles which are based on biology, nature, and God.

Here is a great article also detailing the reason women hate Trump!

And here is the Stefan Molyneux video debunking the lying women accusing Trump of sexual assault:


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