Since PM Viktor Orbán has come to power the number of abortions declined by 23 percent

Monday, October 31, 2016

The number of abortions between 2010 and 2015 dropped by 23 percent - more than nine thousand - and in the first quarter of this year by another 4 percent, according to information provided by Bence Rétvári Parliamentary Secretary of the Department of Human Resources wrote Magyar Hírlap.

Among married women abortions decreased by 85 percent over the past thirty-five years told Rétvári in a written statement in response to a question from Jobbik representatives.

The government is doing everything possible to have fewer abortions in the coming years - said the secretary of state.

Pregnant women should be encouraged to resist abortions as the government continually improving support for foster care placement - explained the minister of state.

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Anonymous said...

It's clear that government policies can effect change. The issue in the West is that the government is either indifferent or actively sides against the interest of protecting their people's own values.

Look at Russia where the birth rate is now the same as the U.S and higher than the EU. Just a decade ago Russia's birth rate was one of the lowest in the world. It's the only country in the European sphere that has be able to reverse it's negative birth rate by substantial margins. Hungary has been able to boost it's birth rate since Orban came to power, but it has stalled or even decline a little bit over the past 2-yrs.

More focus needs to be given by authorities to promote positive attitudes in schools and the media to promote postie thoughts about family and having babies. This way the next generation doesn't grow up with the same kind of negative values as the previous one.

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