The extremist Democratic Coalition boycotting the work of parliament announced the head of the party Ferenc Gyurcsany

Monday, October 10, 2016

Gyurcsany announced on Monday that his party would not participate in the plenary sessions, committee works, parliamentary discussions, and decision-making process in parliament; representatives of the party do not submit written questions to the legislature; at the same time, he acknowledge that because of the boycott party representatives lose their benefits.

Gyurcsany is especially bitter about the result of the referendum (the fact that 98 % of voters – nearly 3.5 million citizens – rejected the mandatory resettlement of migrants in Hungary. Gyurcsany urged his supporters not to reject the mandatory quotas - only a bit more than 50 thousand voters agreed with his call) and his party's poor showing at opinion polls.

Gyurcsany accused the government of misinterpreting the result of the referendum; he also complained about the alleged harassment of non-governmental organizations and the politically motivated closure of liberal daily "Népszabadság”.

Gyurcsany informed his fellow liberals in parliament about his party's decision - among them the Head of the Socialist party Gyula Molnár and liberal fringe party leader Viktor Szigetvári.

Fidesz: Gyurcsany misled his supporters

Fidesz issued a statement pointing out that Gyurcsany misled his supporters.

In the last general election Gyurcsany and his comrades asked the support of the electorate and now, they turn their backs on their constituents.

Ferenc Gyurcsany doesn’t want to face the fact that the Hungarian people said no to the mandatory quotas in a democratically held referendum rejecting Brussels and the Democratic Coalition's pro-migrant stand.

Brussels, and Gyurcsány want to force their will on the Hungarian people concludes the statement.

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