The German government on its way to introduce communist style media censorship

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cartoon by Don Addis

The German government grossly interferes with the functioning of the media and operates a general censorship along the lines of liberal dogmas - the government plans to extend this censorship to the social media as well.

Deutsche Welle reported recently that a member of the Christian Democratic Union, Volker Kauder proposed the extension of censorship to cover on-line social media as well in order to broaden the fight against "hate speech".

According to the proposal, Facebook should pay a hefty penalty for each comment that the government considers "hate speech" if the comment is not removed quickly.

The CDU politician argued that since the arrival of refugees in Germany xenophobic comments are spreading like wildfire on internet, which is against the government's official policy; therefore, Facebook, Google and Twitter should pay hefty fines if hostile comments about refugees are not removed from their websites within a week.

Kauder argued that tobacco packaging warning messages also advise smokers that smoking is harmful to health and accordingly, social media users too should be warned of the consequences of hate speech.

In addition, the Liberal politician urged state agencies to monitor social media users. The justice department should seize the IP addresses of those who posted hostile comments about refugees so that German police could keep a record of any person opposing the government's refugee policy.

Reports coming out of Germany indicating that over the last few months authorities have been visiting citizens in their homes to warn them againist posting hostile comments about refugees.

A few months ago, the former director of ZDF TV admitted that there was a brutal media censorship in Germany - authorities instruct journalists what context should be used when discussing refugee related and other sensitive issues. In addition, the German press systematically cover up crimes committed by immigrants.

The total censorship became apparent when in one night several months ago hundreds of German women were sexually assaulted by migrants - the news quickly spread to the social media. This is what authorities want to prevent from happening again; this is why they want to impose fines on social media providers if they don't remove "derogatory" comments about refugees; with this strategy the opposition can be silenced and complete news blackout can be imposed on society along the lines of ideological directives.

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