The liberal opposition wants to disrupt the central memorial service of the 1956 revolution by deploying paid agent provocateurs

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Christian Democrat member of parliament István Hollik said at Thursday's press conference in Budapest that while most decent citizens want to remember the heroes of the 1956 revolution with dignity, there are reports that the liberal opposition preparing to disrupt the central celebration by deploying paid provocateurs and agents of foreign powers.

Several liberal fringe party politicians and pro-immigration groups among them the founder of Migration Aid - want to disturb the commemoration service that will be held on Sunday afternoon in Kossuth Square.

The politician added that there are reports that these fringe groups want to provoke physical violence during the event, which is unacceptable, and must be categorically rejected.

Those who plan the provocation must know that their actions may violate sections of the criminal code under incitement to breach of peace Hollik said.

Ten years ago, at the 50th anniversary of the 1956 revolution the liberal Gyurcsány regime deployed violent police terror against peaceful citizens - including the use of tear gas, and water cannons with the obvious intent to intimidate the populace. This violence is not only abused and offended people, but also disgraced the memory of the revolution – the politician emphasized.

Hollik asked "the failed left-wing politicians" to try to understand: there are national issues, and there are national holidays that must be celebrated with dignity by every self-respecting citizen.

The 1956 revolution was the 20th century Hungarian history's greatest event, which we all can be proud of - the politician added, highlighting the fact that there are national issues, where partisan policy has no place.

We want to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 1956 revolution, and the memory of the heroes and victims with dignity, respect, love and pride.

We are asking all good-hearted Hungarian citizens to personally participate in the Kossuth Square ceremony this Sunday at 3 pm - "raise our heads," and remember together the heroes of the 1956 revolution.

The politician also remarked that there won't be any extra security measures like the ones introduced by the Gyurcsany regime at the 50th anniversary of the revolution.

Fidesz has learned from reliable sources that paid agent provocateurs want to disrupt the Sunday public memorial service - said Balázs Hidvéghi, Communications Director of the governing Fidesz party on Friday’s press conference in Budapest.

According to sources, criminal assets may play a role in the planned disturbances.

Two liberal politicians Peter Juhasz and Viktor Szigetvári as well as the Civil Opposition Organization Round Table openly encourage agent provocateurs to disturb the commemoration service said the Fidesz politician.

The Communications Director on behalf of his party once again called on the "leftist parties", not to interfere with the holiday, do not incite violence and understand that the 60th anniversary of the 1956 revolution is a national holiday that the Hungarian people want to celebrate peacefully.

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Lysy2 said...

We in Poland deal wiith it every day, paid saboteurs and 'influence agents' of Moscow and Brussels named KOD. Don't let them take a best of you! Don't give in! And all the best to PM Victor Orban!

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