The Russian ambassador to Budapest summoned in the ministry of foreign affairs

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Russia's ambassador to Budapest was summoned in the ministry of foreign affairs to give an explanation of a program aired by Russia's state television in which the host of the program slandered the 1956 revolution, apparently calling it the first color revolution.

In other words, the host of the program hinted that the 1956 revolution was organized by foreign intelligence agencies.

The ministry of foreign affairs argues that such statements insult the memory of those died in the uprising as well as humiliate the victims who suffered long imprisonment for their participation in the uprising.

In the program Socialist member of parliament Szofia Havas (Former Communist Prime Minister Gyula Horn's cousin; Horn actively participated in the post-revolutionary reprisals) supported the delusional Russian reporter's comment according to which, during the uprising hundreds of Nazis were released from jail, practically calling the revolution a fascist coup d’etat.

She claimed that revolutionaries went from house to house looking for communists and Jews.

She also expressed her conviction that the revolution couldn't have broken out without the active participation of trained CIA saboteurs and former Nazis that pulled off the fascist, counter-revolutionary coup.

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