A criminal complaint was filed against Szofia Havas for denying the crimes of communism

Friday, November 4, 2016

Jobbik and the Christian Democratic Party filed a criminal complaint against a member of the Socialist Party Szofia Havas for denial of the crimes of communism.

According to the criminal code, those who who publicly deny the crimes of National Socialism and Communism or the genocide committed by those regimes, or they doubt or trivialize those monstrous crimes can be punished with 3 years imprisonment.

Member of the Socialist party Szofia Havas violated the criminal code - section 333.§ - and insulted the memory of the heroes and victims of the 1956 uprising in an interview with Russian television by calling the uprising a CIA sponsored counter-revolution and a fascist coup d'etat.

The biased Russian public television program called the uprising a pogrom and the first color revolution instigated by CIA.

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