After 327 years, the city of Eger has a muezzin

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

After 327 years, Eger has a muezzin again - Turkish national Demir Hikmet climbs up to Eger's minaret three times a week in his silk caftan and calls to prayer turning towards the four cardinal points of the earth.

The last time the call to prayer was performed 327 years ago when the city of Eger was under the occupation of Ottoman forces.

Demir Hikmet performs this task voluntarily, because he wants to acquaint christians with the Muslim culture and religion.

Hikmet Demir moved to Hungary six and a half years ago after meeting his girlfriend, Tímea who he since married.

"My wife is Catholic, but the two religions coexist very well. I think there is only one God, although everyone calls it differently" said Demir Hikmet who works in a Turkish cafe in Eger.

Currently, about 150 Muslims live in Eger.

During the Ottoman occupation the region had many more minarets, but only the minaret of Eger survived the storms of the centuries.

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